Today proved to be rather wet, with almost non-stop drizzle but the volunteers met at the Riverside Centre just north of Pontardawe and set to with gusto.

There were two main tasks to be accomplished. One group refurbished Bridge 8 by removing the excess vegetation and clearing spent lime mortar. We will be back next year to repoint with fresh mortar. Luckily, Anna and Cerys were on hand to supervise the work and seemed satisfied with the finished product.

 P1  P3
 P19  P8

The second group took to “Nellie” to tackle the many branches that were obstructing the channel. Dave L used his chain saw to cut the larger timbers whilst Alan W trimmed the smaller stuff. Everything was dragged to the towpath and piled up safely out of the way. Once again, Anna and Cerys kept everyone on their toes.

 T1  T4
 T3  T15

Dave G carried on with the never-ending task of hacking back brambles. Cerys took the opportunity to take a comfort break.


Time for a break, with hot drinks and cakes baked by Alan and Jan W. The group photo is to be included in the video that Annette is preparing to promote the “225 in 2023” celebrations.

Our litter pickers have to be prepared for all sorts of flotsam and jetsam in their quest to keep the canal and towpath clean. Today Mike stumbled upon these rather fetching killer stilettoed thigh boots……or, perhaps, he just grew out of them. ‘Titter ye not!’ as Frankie Howerd was wont to say. Or perhaps in this case, ‘Totter ye not’.


A really good day’s work despite the drizzle. It takes more that a bit of rain to stop our amazing volunteers.

The barbecue scheduled for Tuesday 21st December to reward the volunteers for all their hard work throughout the year has been CANCELLED, due to the worsening COVID-19 situation.

So, that’s it for 2021. We hope to be back in harness on 4th January next year, but that rather depends on what COVID-19 throws at us.