The first work party of 2022 started with a bit of confusion as several volunteers arrived at the scheduled location – the Riverside Resource Centre – only to discover that work had been moved to the Hidden Lock site! The photo shows the volunteers trudging gloomily southwards.


Normal service was soon resumed at the revised location and although the day was cold and overcast, the volunteers were soon at work. The big job was on the garden where much mulch and topsoil was applied to enrich the ground ready for the planting of rosa rogosa generously donated by Martin. Mike the Rubbish eventually caught up with us, having also been on the wild goose chase to Riverside!

 Compost1  Soil1
 Garden1  Garden4
 Garden6  Garden2

As usual, Dave found plenty of brambles to prune.


Bob and Paul scraped some old paint from a boat. Lots more hard work needed before the hull will be ready for fresh paint.

Sue spent a great deal of time and effort clearing rubbish from the by-wash trench and around the outdoor store. Contrast this photo with the first one in the garden section above. What an improvement!


One of our smaller trailers needed a bit of fettling to provide an easier way of transporting “Nellie”. Our favourite workhorse now has a home of her own.

 Trailer1  Trailer3

Alan T and Bob tidied away tools in the shed.


Gordon, Alan T and John G finalised the plans for the creation of the boat basin and by-wash. Phase One of developing the Hidden Lock site moves ever closer.

We managed to have a slice of Christmas cake, but no hot drinks.


Quite a busy and productive day, despite the false start. However, we have decided to postpone further work parties until the COVID Omicron variant passes. We will be back!