Today was “All about that base”! The volunteers met at Trebanos Locks on a warm and fairly bright morning, with “Happy To Chat” in mind. The project to install three benches had been delayed for far too long by the COVID pandemic but today we were there to complete it.

The objective for the day was to create a base and then position the last of the three benches. We were pleased to be joined by Councillor Rebeca Phillips who had suggested the project, obtained the necessary funding and offered support and encouragement throughout.

We started by deciding on where to position the bench next to Trebanos Lower Lock. After much discussion, we went for an angled view over the valley. Turf was removed and a former set in place. We carried the very heavy bench up the slope and checked its positioning. Unfortunately, we discovered that the former was not wide enough so Alan T made a nifty adjustment with the aid of more digging and a couple of handy bricks.

 B2  B7
 Paul19  B11

Concrete was mixed and levelled in the shuttering. Job done! We gave the concrete the chance to set a little and took the opportunity to take a break.

 M2  B15
 B17  Mart2

Tea time. Cake was provided by Alan W and Ronnie. Following recent practice, the volunteers brought their own drinks. We celebrated Gordon’s 65th birthday, that came as a complete surprise to him as it is not until next week! Never mind. He is certainly a jolly good fellow!

 paul6  T5

After tea, we positioned the bench and Alan T and Gordon secured it in place. We couldn’t sit on it as the concrete had not set completely, but doesn’t it look good?

 B33  B32

The Society is so grateful to Councillor Phillips for choosing it as the beneficiary of her councillor’s grant. After the past two years of pandemics and lockdown, a place to sit in the fresh air in a beautiful spot with the chance to chat to someone, is a very special gift.