This week’s session was once again on the stretch of canal between the Riverside Community Space and Ynysmeudwy. The weather was overcast and cool but mercifully dry. We welcomed a new volunteer, Malcolm, who had to put up with severe ribbing for sporting impressively clean jacket and trousers. Sharon joined us mid-morning with the excuse of the century for her late arrival – “My dog ate my mother-in-law’s dentures”!

Most of the volunteers removed more of the willow that had encroached into the off-bank of the canal. Gordon took to “Nellie” to cut away the brash. He was ably manoeuvred by Bob as he sawed the branches. Alan T, Aled, Andy, Malcolm, Pete, Sue and others pulled the debris onto the towpath, cut it all up and stowed everything neatly under the hedge. The final photo shows a job well done.

 B1  B19
 B24  B32

Chris, John G, Kath, Martin and Sharon continued to lay the hedge. Last season’s growth was gently nicked and bent down into the hedge.

 H1  H6

Time for a break, with delicious cakes baked by Ronnie.


Another fantastic morning’s work in pleasant conditions. One more session should see the last of the branches removed from this stretch.