The severe storms that had battered so much of the country over the weekend caused us to change our plans somewhat. The volunteers assembled in Coed Gwilym Park as planned but the tasks were all in the park and mostly concerned with tidying up after the storms. Luckily, the weather was much improved today – the wind had dropped to a light breeze and the rain stayed away, save for a couple of showers early on.

The first photo is of the unprotected joists and beams of the Canoe Store taken this morning. Gordon said it all came off as one, joists and cladding together. Luckily there was no one out in the area at the time.


We were delighted to welcome Peter Curnow to our weekly Work Party today for the first time. He joined in with our efforts to get all the life jackets out of the now roofless building into the dry of the site office 100 yards away. We hope to see him regularly on Tuesdays.

Ronnie and Mike have purchased new, bright orange waterproof rope for the Society’s canoes and kayaks to be used as painters on the boats. This will bring the boats in line with Canoe Wales’ recommendations to the Society for best practise in the public hire of all such craft. The ropes will be lighter, more visible and obviously float better than the old rope.


Sue and Andy tackled the two trees that had fallen into the canal at Trebanos. They cut back the branches overhanging the towpath. Removing the trunks from the cut will have to wait for the heavy mob, with boat and chain saw.

 Tree3  Tree4

Time for a drink, cake and a chat. Andy’s pear cake was particularly toothsome, despite a mild overdose of cloves.


After tea, Toby lead a crack team of engineers investigating why the generator cuts out under heavy load. It seems that a tensioning spring is no longer tense – a bit more fettling required!

Kath and Martin found time to tend the garden.

 Garden1  Garden3

After the shock of the weekend, it was good to be able to tidy up a bit and to be reassured that, as bad as it was, the contents of the canoe store appear to have survived.