Today’s’ volunteer work party convened at our Hebron Road site for a special event – the unveiling of a new mural. The site is being developed into the Clydach Canal Centre, a hub for our regeneration activities, and the adjoining bare breeze block wall was an eyesore at best! Gordon found “Fresh Creative Co.”, a Swansea-based company specialising in murals, signs, print, design and workshops. Its artist, Robin, was able to recreate a colourized version of a typical canal scene from a bygone age, and the end result is spectacular! Our thanks go to Robin for his fine work!



Meanwhile Alan and Gordon started rebuilding a stub wall around the flower border near the pathway, whilst Ronnie and Dave dug over the existing patch, removing weeds and grassy tufts.



Another key event for the day was planting six apple trees that had kindly been donated to the society by “Keep Wales Tidy” in appreciation of our achievement in receiving five Green Flag Community Awards in successive years. There were two each of three varieties, namely Surprize, Beauty of Bath and Irish Peach. Irish Peach is not self fertile but will cross pollinate with the other two varieties.

The gang hacked at the stony ground with spade and pick and eventually got the trees in, using four bags of compost from the Buried Lock site. Gordon used our mechanical post-knocker to easily add some supporting stakes. In time the trees will provide some welcome height to the foliage along the canal edge.





We also celebrated St David’s Day with a number of daffodils and narcissi being planted in the front border. Mike F and John G got to grips with the job and the splash of yellow added some welcome colour to the newly dug earth. Mike F kindly brought along some Welsh cakes to go with our coffee – they were predictably tasty!



The other activity we did on the day was a little bit of community work at Gordon’s request. Mike C, Sharon and Martin did a litter pick at the Forge Fach Community Resource Centre playground and car park area. The staff were very pleased to have our assistance.


After a wet Monday, a dry but chilly Tuesday saw some real progress being made in Hebron Road as the transition from a derelict wasteland to a managed and manicured site continues to gather pace.