The weather this morning was rather chilly but with some sun and, mercifully, no rain. The volunteers met at the Riverside Resource Centre, where the main task of the day was to install Nicospan semi-permeable membranes across streams draining into the cut. The idea is to allow water to pass but prevent silt and grit from washing into the canal. The material that accumulates behind the barrier has to be shovelled away from time to time.

Nellie” was loaded with the necessary equipment and pulled up to the launch site. Wooden poles were inserted into lengths of Nicospan, that were rolled up and shipped across the canal. Finally, our post knocker made light work of driving the poles into the silt. “Hey Presto” – a barrier is born.

 Net0  Net25
 Net7  Net15

To tidy up the area surrounding the barrier, fallen branches were removed.

 Net24  Net22

Elsewhere, Kath and Ronnie laid more of the hazel hedge.


Martin, Sue and Andy did a bit of dredging.

 Martin1  Sue1

Nellie” was used to transport the equipment back to the vehicles, now with Bob using his scratch-built, battery drill powered propeller. Bob reckons he needs to hone his skills a little but is very pleased with his new toy.

 Bob2  Bob8

Tea time gave us the opportunity wish Bob a somewhat belated 80th birthday. Note the expert photo-bombing by Cerys. Not a crumb hit the towpath!

 Tea2  Tea6