Today was sunny and bright, without a drop of rain. The volunteers met at a Trebanos with one thing on their minds!

Other than Alan W, still convalescing after surgery and therefore on light litter-picking duties, everyone worked on removing the first of three trees that are blocking the channel south of the locks.


Nellie” was launched, Gordon hopped aboard and Alan T nudged him carefully into position. Gordon then sawed off as much of the fallen branches as he could reach safely. The rest of the gang used our trusty pulley system to haul the branches to the bank before cutting them up.

 T18  T6
 T20  T34

Time for tea and chat. Alan W provided the cakes – he may be on light duties but he can still wield a whisk.


And finally, Martin and Toby made light work of carrying the pulley system back to the trailer by using the broken handle of a drag fork. Resourceful as ever!

Clearing the branches sounds straightforward but was in fact very arduous and time consuming. We were hard at work for four hours and Gordon, who did by far the most, was exhausted! We didn’t manage to remove all of the first tree, so we will be back next week to finish it off and then move on to the next two.