Same job, bigger boat, different tree”! Today was lovely and warm. The volunteers returned to the canal downstream of Trebanos locks to tackle the second of the three trees blocking the canal. This time, we used a bigger boat that provided a much more stable platform for Gordon and Bob but the process was the same as last week – Gordon cut branches and tied them to the pulley system. The team then hauled the logs out of the cut and over the towpath. Hard work but, as the final photo shows, well worth the effort.

 B3  B2
 B20  B16
 B23  B9

Time for a break and the chance to enjoy Ronnie’s delicious cakes.


Part way through the morning, Martin and Kath were sent on a fruitless expedition to find Gordon’s safety helmet and visor. This photo shows Gordon ferrying them back to the work site.

And finally, a short clip of the slaves in action!


Another day of hard labour, but a job well done. One more week should see all three trees removed completely, but we will have to wait for a while as Gordon is off to Canada to visit his daughter and family.