Another warm and sunny and dry day saw the volunteers assemble at the Clydach Canal Centre, where the major task was to remove as much vegetation as possible from the final few yards of the canal in water. This short section of canal south of the Clydach aqueduct is stagnant so the mud had a certain aroma! The valiant volunteers soldiered on and eventually made a significant difference, as can be seen in the final photo.

 M2  M6
 M7  MDone1

Can you see what is going on here? Yes, it’s Gill, Gareth and Kath clearing a mass of bramble around Pont John. Don’t try this at home.

 B1  B2
 B3  B4

Andy and Anna cleared some of the debris that was impeding the flow of water over the aqueduct.


Mike the Rubbish continued with his mission to clear the canal of all rubbish. Painting the Forth Rail Bridge comes to mind!

David Morgan, Glandŵr Cymru, came to admire the mural and chat about the “225 in 2023” project.


Time for tea and chat. This week’s baker was Andy with his upside-down pineapple cake and almond blondies. Delicious!

 T3  T4

Not a bad day’s work, if a bit stinky!