Another lovely, spring day today. We had to modify our plans a bit as Mike F was poorly so we couldn’t complete checking and tidying the canoe store. Instead, we concentrated on clearing the final tree from the cut in Trebanos. Gordon and Bob worked from the tank to cut as much as possible. John G even donned his (nearly) dry suit and jumped in to help to locate the underwater material. A combination of the pulley system and brute force got the branches out of the water. These four photos do not do justice to the time and effort needed to clear a huge amount of timber. Well done everyone!

 T18  T11
 T26  T20

David struck an imperious pose, with loppers at the ready.


Annette stayed at the canoe store and did a magnificent job in cleaning the forecourt.

Time for tea and a chat. John A was particularly relaxed. The chef du jour was Andy.


And finally, Martin popped in to the Hidden Lock site where he found azalea, curly kale, white bluebells and purple honesty in glorious bloom.