Today the volunteers worked in and around the Clydach Canal Centre on Hebron Road.

Gordon and Alan T, ably assisted by Gareth and Peter, continued to construct the end wall.

 Wall3  Wall5

The mound of good quality top-soil created when the site was cleared and levelled was cleaned by the removal of grass and stones, sown with wild flower seeds and given a thorough watering by Martin.

 Mound1  Mound3

Alan W and Mike F deployed “Nellie” to retrieve bags of rubbish found by Mike C and to remove weeds.

 Nellie2  Nellie3

Helen and Sharon painted the coal on the V&S Colliery No. 12 stone barge.


Here are Keirhan, Anthony and Neil from Ian Davies Plant in Crynant setting out in preparation for laying tarmac on the towpath all the way into Players Yard. Another work gang is laying the path at the same time from The Lone to the Forge Fach Centre. The firm also laid the tarmac along the towpath starting from Coed Gwilym Park last year. In about two weeks time the transformation that they brought to the Coed Gwilym to Trebanos section of the canal will be repeated in Clydach itself.

Time for refreshments and a chat.