On another lovely warm and sunny day, the volunteers were back at Hebron Road. One group continued to build the end wall of the Clydach Canal Centre. John G, Malcolm and Mike F were the labourers for Gordon and Alan T.

 Mix1  Wall2
 Wall11  Wall9

You can see the window is now in place, complete with an engaging tableau of three happy, shiny faces. Is the plank supporting the window or is it balanced on Mike F’s head for his uncannily realistic recreation of the launch ramp on HMS Queen Elizabeth?


Ronnie and Helen completed the painting of the coal on the stone barge.

 Paint9  Paint5

Martin, JAD and others added more plants to the new border and watered them in thoroughly.

 Garden5  Garden8

Weed clearance downstream of Pont John continued on both banks of the canal. Andy, Dave G and Sue were delighted to be joined by Harriet, our latest volunteer. She worked really hard and enjoyed herself so much that she can’t wait to return next week.

 Drag8  Drag9
 Drag10  Drag5

Alan T and Bob deployed “Nellie” once again. Definitely the easiest way to reach the stubborn weeds in the middle of the cut.


Time for a break. Cakes by Andy.

Elsewhere, in the Buried Lock site, Gareth and Annette made repairs to the chain and cogs of Annette’s wonderful pedal boat and Martin photographed this lovely white foxglove.


Nature Corner” is actually from Sunday, when Mike F found this pair of Canada geese, eagerly awaiting the launch of the Canadian canoes.

 Geese1  Geese2