Today the weather was warm and dry to start with, but there were some showers after tea. A relatively depleted group of volunteers divided themselves between the Clydach Canal Centre and the Buried Lock site.

Alan, Gordon and Pete worked hard to complete the end wall of the building.

 Wall4  Wall8

Most of the volunteers continued to clear weed from the bank leading up to Pont John. Harriet was back for her second session, yielding a drag fork to great effect, and John jumped into “Nellie” to pull out a prodigious amount of irises.

 Bank4  Bank5
 Nellie2  Bank6

In the Buried Lock Site, if the garden cannot go to the tap, the the tap must go to the garden. John G has tried the high route from the tank by the toilet to the garden but water was not forthcoming. Today he chose the ground route keeping the pipe as close as possible to zero feet above sea level letting gravity bring the water the 200 odd feet to the plants. It works! Here is the first watering can full. The garden is benefiting from the new improved watering system. “Thanks John” say all the plants!

 BLS Water2
 BLS Water1  BLS Water3
 BLS Boat1

Gareth and Annette continue to fine tune the cogs and gears on Annette’s fabulous hand built boat. We hope it will soon be ready to be seen in all its glory on the canal very soon.

Time for tea, with cakes provided by Gill and Harriet. A most welcome visitor was Paul from Whitethorns. After a very difficult couple of years, he hopes to be able to return very soon with his bunch of willing helpers.