A warm and pleasant day – the last one of Spring – saw a good turnout of volunteers at the Riverside Resource Centre on the northern section of the canal in water. The main task of the day was to continue to remove the trees – mostly willow – that are obstructing the cut. Gordon forced his way through the weed beds and deployed a selection of saws to great effect. His willing helpers dragged the branches to the bank before cutting them up and stashing them neatly away.

 Tree44  Tree13
 Tree6  Tree12
 Tree20  Tree36

Martin and Sharon planted willow withies to close a gap in the hedge and later Sharon, Kath and Alan W laid some of the existing hedge.

 Hedge3  Hedge2

Time for a break with tea, coffee and cakes supplied by Alan and Jan.


A good day’s work in pleasant conditions. There’s still a lot of trees to remove so we will be back next week to have another go.