Today was rather windy, damp and overcast but the rain held off until early afternoon. The volunteers assembled in Coed Gwilym Park with four things on their minds: boat, branches, weed and tarpaulin. The last of these – throwing a huge tarpaulin over the gaping hole in the roof of the canoe store – was quickly postponed due to the strength of the wind, so the gang knuckled down to the other three tasks.

We have been given another splendid boat on a very sturdy trailer. The first photo was taken by Bob last week when the boat was first brought to the park. It was in quite a state, but the volunteers soon had it cleaned out. A bit more repair and restoration to the interior is needed but this has the potential to be converted to a small trip boat.

 Boat3  Boat4

Gill, Kath, Sharon and Sue set off upstream to cut back branches overhanging the off-bank, that they then ferried across the cut and, with Gareth’s help, stashed safely away alongside the towpath.

 Ladies5  Ladies1

Andy, Chris, Malcolm and others dragged weed, mostly that awful blanket weed, from the cut. They allowed it to drain for a couple of hours before removing the debris. It will soon rot down. Anna seems to approve of the final result.

 Weed1  Weed7
 Weed4  Weed6

Alan T and Gordon hosted Glandŵr Cymru for a regular health and safety audit.


Tea and chat, with cake provided by Alan W.

A couple of sharp showers resulted in a relatively early end to proceedings, but we went home tired and happy after another good day’s work.