Today was very warm and humid so the relatively small troupe of volunteers worked steadily with frequent breaks on tasks around the Clydach Canal Centre. Martin and his usual team worked hard to tend and water the gardens and fruit trees.

The main garden is in full bloom, thanks to Ronnie, Kath, Helen, Sharon, Martin and all who weeded, seeded, built walls, supplied soil, gave plugs, cuttings and plants, or just watched and offered advice. What a contrast between a few months ago and today. What a display!

 Garden3  Garden6

The fruit trees donated by “Keep Wales Tidy” and tended so carefully over the pandemic by Mike and Ronnie are, quite literally, bearing fruit.


Even the grassy knoll benefited from a bit of a haircut.

Andy and Dave bashed the balsam growing in abundance behind the building. The water level was so low that they were able to reach most, but inevitably not all, of it.

 Balsam1  Balsam2

Gordon took to “Nellie” and John G paddled his own canoe in order pull the reeds from the cut either side of Pont John. Chris & Alan, plus Sharon, Mike F, Gareth, Andy and others left on the cutting room floor worked hard to drag everything to the bank and then after an hour or two to drain, wheel-barrow it away.

 Weed3  Weed8
 Weed1  Weed10

Time for tea and a well-earned rest. Catering courtesy of Andy.


A busy and productive day although the volunteers found it hard to keep up their usual cracking pace because of the heat and humidity. How very British to moan about decent weather!