On a VERY hot day, the valiant band of volunteers took as much care as possible to wear hats, keep in the shade and take it easy as they set about tasks in and around the Swansea Canal Centre in Clydach.

First up, Chris and Gill attempted to erect the gazebo that had collapsed in the wind. It’s up now but how long will it last?


Martin, Kath and Toby watered and generally tidied the garden. Thanks to Kath for the stunning close-ups of the blooms.

 Garden1  Garden2
 Garden3  Garden7
 Garden6  Garden5

Gordon was once more in “Nellie” tackling the abundance of reeds. A long way still to go until he reaches the Mond.

 Weed4  Weed3

Time for tea and talk, with cakes provided by Gill.

Well done everyone for surviving the extreme heat. Lots of good work done even though we very sensibly clocked off early.