A relatively small group of hardy volunteers turned out for the work party today at Pontardawe, on what was an extremely wet and miserable morning. The plan was to tackle the extensive weed bed that has almost taken over the section of canal between Herbert Street bridge and the Paradise Club.

After a discussion on the difficulties and safety of working in such conditions at this location, it was decided to cancel the work for today. Martin D stayed on to clear the footpath of overhanging branches and brambles, which was deemed a safe task.

John Gr. suggested that as an alternative, time would be well spent removing weed from the cut at Coed Gwilym Park, as hire canoes and kayaks are having difficulty getting to Trebanos. Gareth, Chris, John Gr. and Alan T spent an hour moving weed previously piled on the bank, and pulling yet more to clear a narrow channel. Toby offered moral support in the rain, and Gill and Sharon tidied the equipment trailer so that the throw-rakes and forks used could be more easily accessed.

Whilst it wasn’t the outcome that was planned, some good work was done in Clydach, and Pontardawe remains a challenge to be tackled another day!

The only photo taken today was of some ducks enjoying the downpour!