On a sun-filled morning with temperatures in the high twenties our volunteers met at the Upper Trebanos Lock to carry out several tasks. Gordon set up the winch and pulley on the side of the lock to assist in the recovery of the large stones that will be used by the Waterway Recovery Group when it comes for the Summer Work Camps in early September. He was ably assisted by Peter, Bob, John G, Mike and Paul.

 Tre1  Paul1
 Paul12  Paul8

The most interesting find that emerged from the murky silt of the lock bottom was what at first looks like a very old iron ladder. However, it is much more likely to be one of the holding girders that held the oak beams of the lock gates in place at the top and the bottom. A real piece of canal history.


Further down the canal in the cooler shade of the trees between the Upper and Lower Locks, Martin, who for once had remembered his wellies, set about clearing the bramble, willow and weeds growing into, over the steps and around the canal. He was later joined by Sharon, Chris and Kath to collect smaller stones from the canal that are just as important for masonry restoration as the big ones. They will all be ready for use by the WRG in September.

 Tre4  Tre6

Time for tea and chat, with cake provided by Margaret and John G.


Helen and Ronnie finished bashing Himalayan Balsam along the canal by the Green Farm stables after the tea break….

….while John Grav had the full sun to contend with dragging pond and duck weed from the surface of the canal.


A hard morning’s work in the full heat of the day. Well done everyone. Thanks to Kath, Martin and Paul for the photos and to Martin for writing the blog.