Today was a game of two halves at Trebanos Locks, with the Waterway Recovery Group working hard in the lower lock and the Society volunteers removing vegetation from above and below the locks. We also kept an anxious eye on the sky for the predicted thunderstorms that mercifully did not arrive, at least not before your cub reporter left.

The first four photos show the WRG at work and learning about the use of lime mortar. Morgan Cowles and a WRG volunteer, suitably masked and gloved, prepare to add the lime to the aggregate and water in the cement mixer. The WRG volunteers listen attentively (apart from Gordon!) to Morgan giving a training session on best practice in lime mortar repointing.

 WRG Martin2  WRG Martin3

Meanwhile, the SCS volunteers cleared brash from the off-bank below the lower lock. Toby the Farmer is clearly visible but who is the owner of the mystery pair of legs? Martin clipped the grass on the towpath. Alan T, Mike F, Peter, Chris, David and Andy cleared vegetation and cut back overhanging branches and brambles from above the upper lock. Anna supervised, as usual. Mike C picked yet more litter.

 Brash2  Martin1
 Weed2  Weed3
 Weed6  Mike1

The Society’s Catering Corps laid on an excellent lunch for the WRG volunteers. We had the opportunity to chat with them and to plan a meal out on Thursday evening.

 Lunch8  Lunch10

The idyllic scene at Lower Trebanos Lock as work begins after the training on repointing the lock.

 WRG Martin1

An excellent morning’s work uninterrupted by rain. It is always a great pleasure and privilege to welcome the WRG volunteers. This group will be with us for the rest of this week and another group arrives in two week’s time. The concentrated hard work in these two weeks will see a major improvement to the lower lock.