The Waterway Recovery Group volunteers are with us for two weeks working on the Lower Lock at Trebanos. Martin visited them on the Thursday of the first week and recorded the excellent progress being made.


Andy and Sandy help load the SCS boat with large stones for coping the top course of the lock wall. Gordon gives directions.

Repointing continued in the lower level of the scaffolding while outside Andy and Sandy cleared a route across the by-wash to the large heap of stones to be collected later by Gordon.


The final clearance of the by-wash exit. From left to right Liz, Andy, Sandy and Peter survey the weed free oasis.

The surface of the island between the lock and the by-wash had been cleared of weeds, and the volunteers pitched in to relay a gravel and membrane layer to stop the vegetation returning.

The work done by the volunteers during the first week is outstanding, despite the awful weather. They will soon be back to continue their labours – see the weblog for our work party on Tuesday 20th September. The Society is immensely grateful to the WRG for organising these camps and the volunteers for working so hard to preserve and restore the structures of the canal.