Today was a repeat of a fortnight ago at Trebanos Locks, with the Waterway Recovery Group working hard in the lower lock and the Society volunteers removing vegetation upstream of the locks. Unlike the first session, the weather was bright, warm and rain free.

The first four photos show the WRG at work replacing the stones at the top of the lock wall. As usual, Anna was making sure that the volunteers met her exacting standards. Pointing with lime mortar continued in the chamber.

 W1  W2
 W3  W4

Meanwhile, the SCS volunteers cleared the towpath bank above the upper lock. Unsurprisingly, Anna supervised this work too – she’s just visible in the first photo. The final snap is evidence of a job well done.

 B10  B2
 B3  B4
 B8  B13

The Society’s Catering Corps once again laid on an excellent lunch for the WRG volunteers. We had the opportunity to chat with them and to plan a meal out on Thursday evening.

 T2  T5

It was a pleasure and privilege to welcome the WRG volunteers for a second camp. This group will be with us for the rest of this week. The lock is already much improved and our own volunteers will continue the work next week.