On a cool but dry morning a small group of volunteers turned out for the first of the new series of Sunday work-parties The task of the day was repainting the somewhat dilapidated canoe store in Coed Gwilym Park.

A key part of the facelift was a change of colour, from the original cream to an attractive pale blue. The visual impact was immediate as Steve H set to work with a roller to the right of the double doors, and John Grav to the left. Alan T finished off the top of the wall, cutting in around the sign and alarm box.


With enough equipment available to work on several areas at once, Pete and ‘here for the first time’ Morwenna tackled the tallest side wall, although reaching the top proved to be impractical with the access equipment we had, so this was left for another day.


As each face was completed the squad moved to the back of the building, after relocating paving slabs and other items. Despite the poor condition of that wall the new paint covered very well. Big brushes were ideal near the bottom of the walls and the extension poles were invaluable in reaching the higher areas with rollers. Despite pacing ourselves and sharing all the roles, there were a few aching arms by the time tea break arrived!


Meanwhile Mike and Ronnie rubbed down patches of rust on railings alongside the launch ramp. A fresh coat of black and white paint (that’s two different paints!) really brightened up the barrier.


It was a very pleasant morning with great results to show for the group’s efforts. We hope to meet again in two week’s time to complete the areas we couldn’t reach today, and to finish the remaining section of railing.

Well done to everyone, Sunday work-parties have got off to a flying start!