The volunteers met at Trebanos to continue the fantastic work done by the Waterway Recovery Group volunteers during their recent pair of working weeks. The weather started badly with brisk showers but they soon passed, leaving us with pleasant, warm and dry conditions.

The main tasks of the day were to point in lime mortar from the upper level of scaffolding and to rebuild another corner of the lock. Most of the gang pointed whilst Alan T took responsibility for the building work.

 P3  P5
 P8  P13

Pete ventured down below for more pointing.


Elsewhere, Mike F and Andy recreated the roles of Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper in their homage to “The Plank” as they escorted a wall panel to a place of safety.

Time for tea and talk, with cakes provided by Andy.


This week’s competition is once again “Whose legs are these?”. There are definitely three and possibly four pairs for you to identify.

 L1  L2

A lovely day after a rather wet start. The WRG transformed the lower lock in two weeks and now we are continuing what they started.