As for last week, the volunteers continued with the pointing of Trebanos Lower Lock. As usual, Gareth took charge of mixing the lime mortar to our special recipe. Gordon concentrated on rebuilding the lock gate edge while the rest of the volunteers pointed the gaps between the stones, on both the upper and lower decks. Mike and Gareth took care of the clean-up.

 Mix2  P10
 P14  P1
 P3  P11
 P12  W1

Elsewhere, Dave and Andy tackled a massive buddleia. Another invasive species that will invade no more.

 B2  B5

Time for tea with delicious cakes made by Gill. Mike the Rubbish seems to have been overcome by the splendour of the baking!


Another excellent day’s work in very pleasant conditions. We will be back next week to ensure that the scaffolding is well used.