For the second time this autumn the fortnightly ‘Sunday squad’ met at Coed Gwilym Park to continue work on the canoe store, after three of the four walls were repainted during the previous session. Today’s task was to paint the fourth wall and add a black band around the bottom of the building.

Scaffolding erected in preparation for roofing work was a minor hindrance, but the team scooted around the posts without any problem, wearing the appropriate safety headgear of course! After tidying up weeds and debris, Steve H set to work on wall four and soon had it covered up to scaffold platform level, the remainder to be competed once the tubing has been removed.



Meanwhile Alan T marked out the limits of the black band and painted a straight edge and ‘Johnny Two Hats’ G filled in beneath! Working as a team they soon had three walls completed – just look at the dramatic “before” and “after” photos. The fourth will be done next time when the blue paint has dried.





Mike F concentrated on one of the big doors, washing to remove dirt, grime and flaking paint. It looked somewhat better after, but both doors will benefit from a new coat of shiny black paint on a future Sunday to cover scratches and paint flecks and to complement the buildings fresh blue and black paint job.

The weather was good and a mid-session tea break gave the squad a chance to reflect on the day’s efforts working as a team. The improvements achieved over the two Sundays have made a huge difference to the appearance and tidiness of the store and one further day with brushes and rollers should see the work completed. Fingers are crossed now for a new roof soon to round off the refurbishment.