The volunteers met at Trebanos locks once again on a day that started somewhat crisp and chilly but quickly changed to sunny and warm.

The first task for Alan T and Pete was to retrieve to safe storage an intriguing artefact found in the canal. Do you know what it is?


There was more pointing to do, although the work reachable from the scaffolding is nearing completion. Alan T and Gordon continued to rebuild the gate corner. Chris, John and Andy pointed from the upper level before Chris moved to the abutment to the steps. Mike gave some thought to how to tackle the slope next to the steps.

 Mix1  Point4
 Point1  Point7

Elsewhere, Dave continued to clear vegetation from and around the wall.


Gill cleared weed from the pound between the locks.

Martin and Alan W pruned willow above the lower lock. We had planted withies there a few years ago – see how they have grown! They were careful to leave a couple of branches over the water, for the benefit of the kingfishers.


Pete pulled weed and tidied the bank below the lower lock.

Kath, Chris and Sharon went on a litter pick all the way down to Coed Gwilym Park.


Tea and chat with cakes provided by Ronnie. Full marks to her for baking this week, as she is feeling poorly. Get well soon!

It was a pleasure to be out and about in the warm autumn sun. The pointing work is nearly done but there were plenty of other tasks to keep us busy.