On a day when the weather looked uncertain to say the least, a small but beautifully formed group of four volunteers turned out early at Coed Gwilym Park. Two key tasks were identified for the morning – paint the black base on the fourth wall of the canoe store, and remove logs and branches from the canal, which had been brought down by the recent high winds.

The day started with a minor win! Ronnie F had mislaid a pair of secateurs in the flower border a week ago, which had defied all attempts to find them amongst the foliage! Alan T saved the day with a child’s metal detector which located them, completely obscured under an aquilegia!



Alan marked out the paint border on the fourth wall and in 20 minutes he and Steve H had the job done. Unfortunately a heavy shower later in the morning left the wall very streaky, but it will be easy to touch up next time we have a dry day.

With our ‘Spooky’ Halloween event coming up next Sunday, floating debris needed to be removed from the water for safety reasons. Equipped with a grappling hook and long-handled rake, Alan, Mike F and Steve H checked the stretch from Coed Gwilym Park, almost to Trebanos, and removed a number of logs and large branches. Mike continued the good work back at the park, removing heaps of weed which were trapping fallen leaves and restricting the water flow.



Ronnie was also leaf clearing, this time on the paths around the Heritage Centre which were a little loose underfoot with pine needles and wet leaf mulch.



As always, tea time came as a welcome break and Gill T joined us for a chat and to plan activities for the coming Tuesday.

Despite the mid-session rain several important tasks were tackled successfully. Just as we were leaving the sun came out, but that’s how it often is on the Swansea canal!