Although it wasn’t the 31st October, there were some very ‘Spooky’ goings-on in Coed Gwilym Park today! Passers-by might have seen spider webs on trees and fences, ghoulish faces on scaffolding, a luminous skeleton, witches, prisoners, Dracula and many other scary sights! The air was also full of mysterious smells!

Cautious investigations found those responsible to be the Friends Of Coed Gwilym Park, Swansea Canal Society and the Clydach Heritage Centre, together celebrating Halloween with a range of events and activities around the park.

The Canal Society opened up their canoe store, offering canoe, kayak and raft (two canoes secured together) hire for a flat rate of just £5. Groups, individuals and families took advantage and paddled off (not always in a straight line!) on a return trip towards Trebanos. Both novices and those who had paddled before gave it a go, and everyone came back smiling and not too wet!





Society members also ran a bric-a-brac stall selling knitted items, toys, calenders, china, ornaments and other small treasures. Woollen hats and baby clothes went especially well today.



A witch was seen in the Heritage Centre, where the fascinating history of the Clydach area is illustrated and explained. No witches brew here, but their usual hot drinks, snacks and ice cream were on sale. There was also a treasure hunt around the park and other children’s activities, which were well used and enjoyed on the day.



The tempting smells were down to the Friends, who set up a gazebo from which they did a roaring trade selling delicious barbecue bacon rolls, burgers and hot dogs (onions, cheese and tomato sauce optional of course!). Given the changeable weather the hot snacks were very welcome!


The costumes helped set the spooky scene – not one but two prisoners, Dracula in his red and black cape, the Sorcerer’s apprentice, more witches than you could get around a cauldron, and others! It was a great effort by all who dressed for the occasion!



So yes, it rained, heavily at times, but that in no way dampened the enthusiasm of the many visitors who came and enjoyed the sights and entertainments. When the sun did come out it was warm and pleasant.

‘Spooky 2022′ was a great success and set us thinking – could we do something similar at Christmas? Watch this space!