On a rare day for the Canal Society it was ‘Wales Weather – 1: Tuesday Work-Party – 0′. It’s not often that our hardy volunteers are beaten by the rain, but today started wet and, predictably, got wetter!

Alan T and John G met early and quickly decided that neither of the tasks planned for today at Coed Gwilym Park, i.e. cleaning out the canoe store and pulling more weed from the cut, were practical in light of the dismal forecast. Alan sent a late cancellation email to save colleagues from making unnecessary journeys to site, before both chaps went off to the park to meet and advise those who may have missed the message. Sharon B and Alan W turned up, but decided not to stop when the situation was explained. John Grav arrived and opted to stay a while and Annette and David G also came along later for a chat.

 P1  P2

At the park we found that roofers had arrived to complete the canoe store repairs. The doors were opened for them to check the roof ties, but no sooner had they started work on the scaffolding than the skies opened, and what a squall it was! Everyone retreated inside until the deluge eased, but the roofers did get some work done later.

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With the storm raging a lake soon formed in front of the store, clearly demonstrating how the flood had occurred last week. During a lull Alan T and John Grav cleared a drain and grating which was blocked by stones and leaves. The benefits were immediate, and the lake soon drained into the free-flowing pipe. To prevent a recurrence all loose stones were shoveled away from the drain catchment area so they couldn’t be washed in, and a small barrier of blocks was created to provide additional protection.

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Meanwhile Gill T and Chris Grav, joined later by Sharon, sensibly stayed indoors and discussed issues relating to our 225th anniversary celebrations next year. They made a good choice!

So, although not much was actually done today, progress was made on several topics through our various meetings and discussions. We hope to get more of the practical work done next time.