This Sunday dawned bright and cool, which was a pleasant change from the rain of recent weeks, however it presented its own problems. Our painting plans had to be put on hold as the canoe store wall and slipway railings were cold and wet from the early dew – not paintable surfaces.

Our third task, completing the cleaning of the obelisk, went ahead with Ronnie and Lisa taking the lead on the remaining two grubby sides. With the mould now removed the next step in coming weeks is to repaint the two canal signs and the engraved stone plaques as we move closer to completing the refurb.



Other Sunday Squad colleagues continued work inside the canoe store, replacing the last of the carpet padding on the racking. After a bit of canoe juggling, Pete A and Mike F prised off the remaining rotted carpet from around ten spars and John Grav cut new strips which were affixed to the exposed timber members. The completed change makes the removal and replacement of canoes easier and safer.



Tea was taken inside the store to avoid a sudden downpour, which gave us the chance to discuss converting spare hanging rails into much needed shelving and storage. A bit of thought is required to achieve the best solution, but its definitely a job for a wet day during the winter.

The rain came in again and curtailed our mornings work by midday, but we were all pleased with the progress made. The next scheduled work party is on 4th December, but we have agreed to take a pragmatic approach and meet on other Sundays if the weather is suitable for our planned tasks. Details will continue to be posted on the SCS website.