Volunteers met this week at our Hebron Road site to concentrate on two main tasks – some much-needed gardening on the flower border planted during the summer, and an internal tidy up of the building that will become our Canal Centre.

With our efforts having been focussed elsewhere along the canal in recent months, the border and the area around the stone barge and mural were weedy and overgrown.

A gardening team comprising Gareth, Martin, Ronnie & Mike, Sharon & Chris and John & Christina took it in turns throughout this gorgeous late autumn morning to weed, prune, sow, compost, cut and generally give their loving care, to the Clydach Canal Centre garden and stone barge site. Grass and weeds were removed and the ripe seeds heads of the native wild flowers were scattered back into the garden.

Gareth got all close-up and personal with the bed assessing what was to be removed and what needed to stay.


Mike and Chris G concentrated on the barge itself, meticulously removing the weeds, while Sharon and Chris B cleared the roadside wall of the garden.



Tea and cakes in the sun, on the newly-weeded stone barge, gave us the chance to admire the gardeners handiwork.

Meanwhile Gill, Pete, Mike F and Alan T set about clearing and cleaning up the building, which has been without a roof for many years and therefore open to the elements. Multiple piles of wood, blocks and other materials were neatly stacked by their respective types and scrap wood was burned. Accumulations of leaves and twigs were collected and disposed of, and the areas swept clean.

The space created enabled the big boat and trailer, which has been stored at Coed Gwilym Park, to be relocated to Hebron Road. This in turn cleared space behind the canoe store at the park, where work is starting on a new section of towpath.



The morning passed quickly with all this work going on and the benefit of now being able to use the building for storage was an added bonus.

After all the work the garden, the barge, and the whole area was immensely improved. A great effort.

And finally, John Gw took these photos of the work underway in Coed Gwilym Park to divert the towpath in order to accommodate the new slipway.