Having opened in 1798, the canal will have been in existence for 225 years in 2023. Although only approximately 5 miles (8km) of the original 16.5 miles (26.5km) now remain ‘in water’, the Society believes that the important role of the canal in the industrial and social development of the Swansea valley cannot be overstated and this legacy is worth remembering and celebrating.

A team has therefore been set up within the society to organise and manage a series of 225th anniversary events throughout 2023, in co-operation with the Canal and River Trust. The SC225 committee (Steering Committee for 225th) is working closely with community councils, schools, museums, theatre groups and other partners to reflect and explain the history of the canal, its operation and subsequent decline, the work being done today to maintain and regenerate what’s left, and our vision for the canal as a green space and public amenity into the future.

The pages under this link begin to set out the plans for the 2023 celebrations. You can also keep up with news on our weblog, Facebook and Twitter.

As proposals are developed further a calendar of events, event details, times, locations and more, will be made available. Photographs of preparations, and events and activities, will be added as the year progresses. We also hope to include a legacy page, outlining how some of the work done in 2023 can be sustained into later years.

Please check the website and weblog regularly for updates on events and activities, and help us make 2023 a year to remember in the Swansea valley.

Please give us your feedback on our plans for the “225 in 2023” celebrations and let us know what you would like to see included. Send your email to info@swanseacanalsociety.com

And finally, to whet your appetite for the year ahead, here are a map of the original route and a few views of our beautiful canal as it is now.

 Canal Map  Clydach Coed Gwilym Park
 Pontardawe From Herbert Street bridge  Ynysmeudwy Uchaf bridge