The primroses planted at Trebanos Lock several years ago have now naturalised and and making a lovely display this year.   Well worth going along there to have a look.

Toby, Martins and Hawks.

  Volunteer Toby sent us this photo of  a sparrowhawk that he recently caught  attacking the martins nesting in his barn.  After capturing it, he set it free to continue on its way. Of course, the presence of predatory birds is a sign of a healthy small bird population.

Heron, Clydach Lock, 22.3.16

Volunteers worked on the off bank under the watchful eye of a heron perched in a tree above them.  The heron was seen to fly down into the canal under the road over-bridge. Within half a minute it caught three fish. Not good news for the fish, but a positive indication of the water quality...

Six Bat Species on the Swansea Canal

Bat monitoring took place at three points along the Swansea Canal for one week this summer. 1. Below Coed Gwilym Bridge Clydach. 2. Half a mile north of Coed Gwilym Park in Trebanos, and 3. Below St Peters Church Pontardawe. Below is an analysis of the results by Steve Lucas of the Bat Conservation Trust:-...

Bat Monitoring

Today we joined in the Bat Conservation Trust’s bat monitoring. Steve provided bat monitors and instructed us in the use of them.  They are to be left in position for a week and they will automatically locate their position through their GPS system and turn on and off between dusk and dawn to record any...


Steve Lucas, of the Bats Conservation Trust, kindly led a group of adults and children, along the Swansea Canal on Friday at dusk. He preceded it with a shsort talk on what we could expect to find and lots of other information. Everyone was provided with bat detectors and given advice and more information throughout...

BAT WALK along the Swansea Canal 7th August at sunset. Updated with details

Steve Lucas of the Bat Conservation Society, has kindly offered to lead a bat walk along the canal, starting from the car park in Coed Gwilym Park, Clydach, SA6 5NS at 8.45 pm. Please bring a torch with you and wear suitable clothes. All are welcome to join us.

Cow Parsley and Damsel Flies

At this time of year the canal banks which are covered with cow parsley which is now in flower. Not only does this look beautiful, but it provides food for many creatures, including the beautiful damsel fly photographed below.

Moorhen 26.5.15

The carefully maintained wildlife habitat on the offside of the canal opposite the car wash north of  Clydach Lock has proved its worth. A pair of moorhens have nested in the reeds and two of the eggs have successfully hatched. We managed to get a number of shots of  aparent and one of the chicks,...

Wildlife Habitats along the Canal.

Not only does the canal provide a home within its waters for many creatures, including plants and rare fish, such as lampreys but the banks of the canal are also an important habitat for wildlife and nature. Many of the native plants form an important habitat, and as such are managed with care to enable...


Against the sun, he was spotted in a tree north of Cydach Lock. We followed him down to the Mond and got a shot of him in the sun (and the only photo taken all morning of him with the canal in view). Then he was darting back behind the gardens of Capel Road to...

Elephant Hawk-Moth caterpillar

We saw this huge, beautiful caterpillar while gardening at the Cefn Erw Monkey Sanctuary.  Although it wasn’t strictly on the canal as it remains, I feel justified in posting him on here as the canal was very nearby in the past at Abercrave, and he was very handsome.