Canoe Hire at Coed Gwilym Park, Clydach

Address: 79 Pontardawe Rd, Clydach, Swansea SA6 5NS

Canoes and kayaks are available for hire at the very scenic section of the Swansea Canal at Clydach where you can paddle up to a mile up stream to Trebanos lock. Total time to paddle up to Trebanos and back is around 45 minutes – a bit longer if you cannot paddle in a straight line 😊

When Can I Hire a Canoe?

Canoe hire operates every Sunday starting on Easter Sunday (this year it is 31st March 2024) and carries on until the last Sunday in September. Opening hours are from 10am. with the last boat out at 2pm.

Advance booking is NOT necessary but as the canoe hire is run by volunteers there may be rare occasions where we have to cancel at short notice for example, due to volunteer availability. So, if you are planning a special journey or coming a long way to canoe on the canal please check the Swansea Canal Society Facebook page for any cancellation information before travelling.

[It may also be possible to arrange “group hire” sessions on week days for small groups. For further information please email: Canoe Hire

What Can I Hire?

We have “Canadian” open canoes as well as single and double sit-on kayaks available, and we can even “raft up” two canoes to allow at least six people to paddle together. The cost of hire for the (approx.) 45 minute session for the 2023 season is:

Canadian Canoe £10

Raft (two canoes) £15

Single Kayak £5

Double Kayak £10

[A separate tariff applies for group hire.]

Are There Restrictions?

Safety is always our priority so it is important to always follow instructions given by staff. The following rules and restrictions also apply when hiring a boat.

Age, Size and Other Restrictions:

  • Children under the age of 3 are not allowed on kayaks but may, at the discretion of the duty team, be allowed on canoes provided that they are accompanied on the boat by two adults and are big enough to wear a buoyancy aid.

  • Juniors – age 4 to 8 years – are allowed to use the canoe facility provided they meet the minimum height requirement of 90 cm., are big enough to safely wear a buoyancy aid AND are accompanied in the same boat by a responsible adult.

  • Young people between the age of 9 and 15 may use the canoe facility without an adult accompanying them on the water provided a responsible adult has completed the hire forms on their behalf.

  • Helmets are available for all customers but are recommended for all participants aged 15 or less

  • Well behaved dogs may be allowed on boats at staff’s discretion

[Volunteers have the final decision as to whether to decline an individual request to hire a boat]

Clothing & Footwear:

  • Suitable clothing should be worn – remember, you may well get wet!

  • Suitable footwear must also be worn. FLIP-FLOPS, and similar loose footwear, are NOT allowed. The canal is not deep, but the bottom can be very muddy and we cannot guarantee there are no sharp objects.

Other Things to Remember:

  • Paddlers using kayaks are likely to get wet due to water running off the paddle. Also it is possible for canoes to capsize if not paddled correctly. Valuables items can therefore be left at the Canoe Hire building – at the customers’ own risk.

  • Waterproof phone pouches are also available to borrow if you wish to keep your phone with you when paddling.

  • After paddling on the canal remember to always wash / sanitise, your hands especially before handling food.