Work Party: Tuesday 21st February 2023

Work Party: Tuesday 21st February 2023

Today the weather was cloudy and damp but pleasant enough for the time of year. Once again, work was concentrated in and around Coed Gwilym Park. Tasks in the canoe store that had been started on Sunday were completed: Martin lubricated the roller shutter and Alan T installed LED lighting.

Work continued on the retaining wall, with John G mixing the concrete and the crack team of budding brickies laying the stones.

Gill and Dai cleared the paths around the park.

Sue cleaned signage in and around the park. She will need to return next week with stronger detergent to remove the stubborn grime.

Gareth trundled yet more weed debris from the canal to the garden, where it will rot into wonderful compost.

Time for tea. Andy’s apple cake turned out to be a bit of a curate’s egg but Anna and Cerys seemed to enjoy it.

Once the work was done for the day, the new Park Pavilion opened its doors to the volunteers and a photographer from the Clydach Historical Society. A wonderful facility in Coed Gwilym Park run by enthusiastic volunteers of the Friends of Coed Gwilym Park. Not yet open to the public but, judging by the quality of the bacon butties, it will be a great success. Pob lwc!

Water in the new canal route in the Buried Lock Site! Well, only rain water but it’s a start. James Daley and his men continue to work hard and fast to open up the new channel. Concrete side blocks to the right are in place and a further row will be laid on the left hand side to keep the water in. Exciting progress.

Two of the hard-working contractors continue to erect the breeze block walls in the temporary by-wash which will ensure the canal water is available to the Mond Nickel works while restoration continues on the main route through the hidden lock. Removing the metal piles in the lower left of the picture will be the final action when the temporary by-wash is completed.

And finally, a friend of the canal generously donated this wonderful pulley. It was used to haul barges out of the water, although not on the Swansea canal. It will look splendid when displayed in the Swansea Canal Centre.

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