Work Party: Tuesday 27th February 2024

Work Party: Tuesday 27th February 2024

The main focus of this weeks activities was to host a group of nine staff from British Telecom, who chose to join us on the Swansea Canal for one of their regular team-building days.

Working around the historic Pont John aqueduct and iron bridge, just off Hebron Road, our guests tooled up with rakes, drag forks, shovels, barrows and brushes. Although much of the water weed has died back over the winter, there is still a bank of mud and grass along the canal edge which restricts water flow.

Under the watchful eye of Gareth and Martin, team members pulled and dragged earth and grass from the compacted bank and, after letting it drain, barrowed it away. Its not an easy task, but they tackled it with gusto and soon made a noticeable difference!

A smaller group joined Ronnie and Alan T on the towpath alongside the Mond, to clear grass that was growing out from the borders. Several hundred metres of path edge were cleaned and swept and the area was much tidier after. Right across the water, John Grav raked up weed on the off bank.

Meanwhile our SCS vols, including Mike F, Duncan, Chris M, Lance, Alan W and Gordon, started clearing land behind the Swansea Canal Centre. Clean bricks from the old back wall were test-stacked in a Gabion basket which will form the foundation for a later stone arch, and other rubble was moved aside to clear a working space.

Alan W provided the coffee and Andy the lovely cakes, and we enjoyed a good natter with our BT friends. Andy and Sue brought their visitors (all the way from Oz!) to see what canal restoration is all about, and it was great to meet them and show off our achievements.

After tea the two BT groups swapped jobs for an hour, but rain soon stopped play. It was a very productive day, and we look forward to welcoming BT again if they choose to come back later in the year. There’s always jobs to do!

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