Work Party Tuesday 5th February 2019


Work Party Tuesday 5th February 2019

This week we returned to Coed Gwilym Park in Clydach. The weather was rather mild with a touch of drizzle. An amazing twenty-four volunteers turned out and set to work on this, the first work party of February.

The aim was to continue the repair and rebuilding of the canal bank just north of the park. Our ‘mix master’ this week was Gareth and he quickly got things underway. David ‘Di Barrow’ was soon busy transporting the mix up to the work site. Volunteers Alan and Mike prepared the wooden shuttering, set the levels and began the repairs to the canal bank.

  mix masterr

Calamitous set-back(!) as the powered barrow developed a fault and went in for an unscheduled pit stop. Gordon was able to sort out the problem and we were rolling again. David brought a good load of stone down to the work site and Mike got busy splitting the larger stones for he and Alan to use on the wall. They were able to construct 8 metres of wall this week. Great work lads.

 pit stopr
 splitting stoner  Alan stoner

Meanwhile our very own ‘Ground Force’, Ronnie, Martin, Bryan and Gill were busy clearing the tow path of weeds, over-hanging vegetation and leaf mulch. The mulch, rich in nutrients, was wheel barrowed down to the Clydach Lock area by Martin, our horticultural guru, where he is building an ornamental rockery.

 ground forcer  Martin & barrow

Down at our implement store Bob and Dominic were assembling the door frame and, assisted by Gordon, they got the two sturdy wooden doors fitted. Job done!

 Bob with sawr  doors fitted01r

Time to re-fuel the powered barrow with petrol, and the volunteers with tea, coffee and cakes. After the break several volunteers helped Gordon deal with a 16 metre Silver Birch tree which high winds had brought down in the Canal Society Nature Reserve in the park. A bird box attached the tree survived the fall of the tree. Fortunately the bird box was un-occupied at the time!

 fuel in barrowr  16m birchr

It was a most satisfying and productive working party, enjoyed by all.


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